Govee 5m LED Strip Lights with Remote
I wanted to add bit light relief (excuse the pun) and some extra style to my caravan so I purchased a 12-volt, 5 metre LED lighting strip pack with remote control. When installed, it really adds a new dimension to the living room end of our Swift caravan. You can set the lighting colour and brightness to suite the mood whilst you relax with a glass of wine or cool bear and may be listening to some music or watching the TV.
This 12 volt DC LED lighting system was so easy to fit, I’ll just give you an outline for what to do then you can see if this is something that you want to install in your caravan or motorhome.

Let’s start with a bit of planning
I decided to install this LED lighting in the front of my caravan because that is where we relax, read a book or just chill out so seemed like the place to put the lighting. By the way, I did not want to see the LED strip facing me so I looked at the underside of the shelf/ pelmet that hides the curtain track and it looked like just the place to fix the self-adhesive LED lighting strip. 

Picture above shows the LED lighting strip fixed to the underside of the shelf/ plemit

So, the next thing I did was to find a suitable location to fix the Infra-Red (IR) sensor and hard wired 3 button controller unit, see the picture showing the location that I chose.

Picture above shows the LED remote sensor with hard wired control box & some of the special flat fixing clips

It was convenient because it was easy to drill a hole to pass the 12-volt DC wiring through and it was a good place to pick up the IR signal from the remote controller.
Since this was the place to start to fix the 3-button controller unit with IR sensor and cabling, I placed the unit on the underside of the shelf and marked a place to drill a hole to take the wiring through to the inside of the cabinet (as can be seen in the picture above). I decided to pick up the 12-volt DC feed from a point where I had installed a small fused box that tapped into a switched 12-volt DC supply that is not live when the caravan is being towed. Consult your caravan or motorhome wiring diagram for to make sure you pick up the correct 12-volt DC positive feed. Consult a qualified caravan electrician if you are not sure of how to do this safely.
Well having fixed the hard-wired 3 button control unit in place, it was time to feed the LED lighting strip with self-adhesive backing to the underside of the shelf/ pelmet. It is quite simple to feed out a length of LED lighting strip exposing the self-adhesive side and fix it in place bit by bit. I had to do a bit of loose fixing in the front right and left front corners so I did not stress the strip too much.

Picture above shows the LED strip fixed the the underside of the plemet

I continued fixing the LED strip to the underside of the shelf/ pelmet so it shines the light towards the curtains. This ensures you get a pleasant soft light reflecting off the curtains. I just trimmed a short length of LED strip off with the sizers to get a balanced length of lighting either side of the living area.
Having fixed some of the LED strip in-place with some clips provided, proceeded to insert a 1 amp fuse into the fuse holder and turn on the light show. Both me and my wife were very pleased with the end result. Its suppressing how much of a difference this new lighting system has on the look and feel of our living area of the caravan, another job well done.

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