My experience with this dashboard mount
I have used a number of dashboard mounts in the past but whilst they have sort of done the job of holding my tablet, they have always been a bit on the flimsy side. One of my previous tablet holders used to make an annoying rattling noise when we were on the move and when the tablet was removed, so this one I am prepared to recommend. I currently use this tablet holder to secure my 8 inch Huawei tablet in place and the tablet forms my WiFi monitor with my EsiCam EH05 rear-view battery powered WiFi camera. The picture below shows this mount in my car and the video shown in feature article for the EsiCam EH05 camera in this Gadgets Review section of my website also shows this tablet holder. The tablet holder can be tilted in the horizontal and vertical plane allowing for comfortable viewing. You can fix the length of the arm section in place with the screw knob and fix the front tablet holder section in place with the black plastic locking nut. This holder also has adjustable front clips that ensures your tablet is held firmly in place. The black domed fixing block has a soft pliable suction plate that will attach the unit firmly to any type of dashboard or windshield.

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The picture above shows my 8" tablet held securely in place by the dashboard mount. By the way my tablet is showing the view from my EsiCam WiFi rear-view camera which is fixed to the rear of my caravan. With this set-up, I can monitor the traffic behind my caravan without the stress of trying to grab a glance in the extension wing mirrors. Click the green link to see the review of my EsiCam EH05 WiFi camera for more information.

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The LAW regarding mounting gadgets on the dashboard or windshield
Remember to keep a clear view of your windshield when traveling because the DfT (Department of Transport) guidance divides a car’s windscreen into two areas, zones A and B.  Zone A is defined as: “a vertical area 290mm wide, centred on the steering wheel and contained within the view area of the windscreen.” Zone B is effectively the rest of the windscreen. Any obstructions to zones A or B as a result of tablets,  or windshield mounted sat-navs and phones within zone A “shall not encroach more than 10mm”, whereas in zone B obstructions “shall not encroach more than 40mm”. Those rules are the best official guidance available for gadget placement without breaching the LAW.

You only have to place the suction cup of this mount onto a clean and dry surface then twist the suction cup clamp and the mount will be held firmly.

The above picture gives information regarding the suction cup

The above Picture shows how different tablets can fit on the mount